Your Conference Organising Committee

Dr Fawaz Baddar ALHussan
IESEG School of Management

Fawaz is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Sales and Account Management at IESEG School of Management in Lille/Paris, France. He is also the academic director for the MSc International Business Negotiation.

With a special interest in Key Account Management (KAM), Fawaz works closely with firms in emerging markets to improve their KAM programme implementation and performance. He is a board member at the Association of Key Account Management, dedicated to the creation and dissemination of knowledge on KAM within Europe.

Fawaz is an active member of the IMP Group and was the convener for IMP ASIA 2014.


Dr Peter J Batt
Peter J Batt and Associates

For almost 30 years, Peter J Batt was Professor of Food and Agribusiness Marketing at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. Today he is the principal of Peter J Batt and Associates, an international agribusiness marketing and rural development consulting practice that links smallholder farmers in Asia and Africa to high value markets.

Through various international aid agencies, Peter has worked in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Viet Nam. Clients to date include ACIAR, Crawford Fund, CTA, FAO and the World Bank.

For and on behalf of the IMP Group, Peter not only instituted IMP ASIA in 2002 but has been directly involved in convening all prior events in Perth, Phuket (2), Kuala Lumpur, Goa, Bali and Cape Town.

Peter is currently a visiting professor at IESEG

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